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Recruit and Get a Hat

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1 Recruit and Get a Hat on Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:09 pm

[ Admin ] Ky

Up until June 20 2013 , get a chance to win 3 Event Hats(The Headgears will be also converted to Styles type).

By Recruiting 2 Players , you will get 1 Event Hat , and you will get another Hat if one of your Recruits was able to Recruit 2 Players.

Player-A recruits Player-B and Player-C = Player-A gets an Event Hat.

Player-B recruits Player-D and Player-E = Player-A and Player-B gets an Event Hat.

NOTE: You can choose your own Prize(Event Hat) but there are some Hats that will be restricted and cannot be given out.
All of the 3 Players must be Logged-in at the same time in order for them to Recieve the Prize(The 2 Recruits are subject to test wether if it's a Dummy Account or not).

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