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GM Daenerys' Sugestion Post

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1 GM Daenerys' Sugestion Post on Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:25 pm

[ GM ] Daenerys

Game Master
Game Master
50% HP reduction
Enables the user to see other player's HP

50% HP reduction
Enables the user to see other player's HP
doesn't work if the opposing player also posseses the Shinigami****
3% chance of Coma****

The original effect of the Shinigami eyes in the series includes that it isn't possible to see the lifespan of other Deathnote users. Since the custom item Deathnote won't be implemented for the meantime(from what I've heard), I think it would be wise decision to implement this additional effect to encourage more players to use it.
The same applies for the the 3% chance of Coma(Deathnote)..

Buster Sword
New(either of the 2):
Nerf 1: Level 5 Cross Impact becomes Passive instead of its previous Active skill effect(pref. 10-30% chance)
Nerf 2: The previous Level 5 Cross Impact becomes Level 3

The Rune Knight is a very versatile class in terms of being a tanky dps dealer in PVP.. Granting the Rune Knight one of Guillotine Cross' special skill isn't a nice idea since the Rune Knight itself has an access to to a large library of Rune Stone effects. The Level 5 Cross Impact + the Rune effects of the Rune Knight is stronger than the Level 5 Cross Impact + Enchant Deadly Poison of the Guillotine Cross. Both classes are using 2-handed weapons(not immune to Coma) if they want to dish out a whooping Cross Impact but the main issue was, GX is not that tanky compared to the Rune Knight.. I just want to point out that GX's deserves a stronger CI than the RK can do.. Rune Knights have their own set of skills and granting this 1400% ATK skill is way too OP for the other classes...


Reputed as the most exalted eyes amongst the Three Great Dōjutsu.
Literally meaning "Three Great Eye Techniques"
Allows its user to use the 6 Paths Technique

Enables hidden enemy detection
30% chance to dodge all kinds of attack
10% increase damage to Demi-Humans
All Stats +10
30% resistance to all status effects
Immune to Knockback
5% chance of auto-casting Lex Aeterna when the user receives Physical damage

1x Sharingan3
100x Kill Mark
100x PVP Skull
Orc Hero Card
Evil Snake Lord Card
Lord of the Death Card
RSX-0806 Card
Medusa Card
Marc Card
Nightmare Card
Ghoul Card
Marduk Card
Giearth Card
Ungoliant Card

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2 Re: GM Daenerys' Sugestion Post on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:10 am

[ Admin ] Ran

I'm not sure if it's possible to hide someone's hp with the current shinigami script but I'll try experementing.

The buster sword is beyond my duties so we'll let Sylar decide.

The rinnegan will be implemented soon. It will be the final evolution of the sharingan. It will require 1 Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. It will have unique skills like Shinra Tensei and more. We just have to add effects to all the sharingans (mangekyou) first.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Reflect type Paladins are weak against long range attacks, Casters are generally weak in melee combat.

This is HYBRID Ragnarok Online! You should never stick to one strategy!
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