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GX Emperium Breaker Guide

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1 GX Emperium Breaker Guide on Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:11 pm



Upper Head: Urahara's Hat [Lord Knight Card/Duneyrr Card] (I use Drooping Valkyrie, but in theory Urahara's Hat should be more powerful than Drooping Randgris. LKC of course for Berserk. Duneyrr Card if you don't have an LKC.)

Middle Head: Evolved Hollow Mask [Duneyrr Card]
*25%+10% ATK

Lower Head: Rune of Prophecies
*So that your GX can use RK Runes.

Armor: Kandura/Elemental Armors [Gloom Under Night Card/Marc Card/Detale Card]
*Elemental Armors gives you defense to Tiger Cannon.
*Kandura Gives +6% ATK
*Marc/Detale Card for anti-freeze. Detale gives Land Protector.

Right Hand: +12~ Dagger-type weapon (pref Sandstorm for Hgh raw weapon attack + easy refine.) [Thanatos Card, Tendrilrion Card,2 Abysmal Knight Card]

Left Hand: +12~ One-Handed Sword-type weapon [1 Tendrilrion Card,2 Abysmal Knight Card,1 Orc Skeleton Card]

*1 dagger type weapon for double attack to work.
*1 sword type weapon so that Urahara's Hat effect activates.
*+12~ weapons for the Tendrilrion Card's +30% ATK to work.
*Thanatos Card. Don't know why but with it I can break emperiums in 20 seconds.

Garment: Skeleton Manteau [Giant Whisper Card]
*Skeleton manteau gives 2 STR.

Footgear: Vidar's Boots [Antique Firelock Card]
*Vidar's Boots for a little HP boost.
*Antique Firelock gives 2 STR.

2 Bradium Ring [2 Satan Morroc Card]

Buff Items:

*Self Provoke

Cursed Water
*Changes weapon's element to the Shadow Property. Emperium is Holy Property which means Shadow Property will give you a damage boost.

Thurisaz Rune
*Increases attack strength tremendously.
*+30 Str for 4 minutes.
*Chance to do 3x damage when attacking. Breaks your weapon. Be sure to have Full Protection when using this rune.

Othila Rune
*Increases attack depending on how many player is in your party.

Savage Full Roast
*+20 Str

Steamed Tongue
*+10 Str. Stacks with Savage Full Roast.

Siroma Iced Tea:
*+20 Dex

Hwergelmir's Tonic
*+10 Dex. Stacks with Siroma Iced Tea.

450 Str
___ Agi
___ Vit
___ Int
*450 Dex
*1 Luk

___ means you decide.
*450 Dex because every 5 Dex increases attack by 1.
*1 Luk so that you won't do Critical Attacks. Critical Attacks ignores DEF. 0 DEF = Useless Thana.

Important Skills:
Double Attack
Enchant Deadly Poison (Increases attack by 350%)
Berserk from Lord Knight Card (Increases attack by 2 folds.)
Devotion (For support)
Full Chemical Protection (Anti strip and break)

Officially, my break speed is 20 seconds and 22 milliseconds.  I'm currently completing my breaker items. I still need Urahara's Hat and a slotted Evolved Hollow Mask.

The funny thing is that the "Official" Emperium Breaker: Sephiroth and I share the same items but he managed to get 10 seconds lol! .

His technique is a secret but I know experienced players know it.

That sums it all up. Please don't forget my points. lol!

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2 Re: GX Emperium Breaker Guide on Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:42 pm

Ask a Sura for a Gentle Touch: Change which will increase your atk.
And the other secret made my breaking time for about 15seconds.

Clue: Always attend Saturday or Sunday Mass. Very Happy

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3 Re: GX Emperium Breaker Guide on Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:59 pm

[ Admin ] Ran

Also, one of the new item, the charm item Bakonawa Symbol Tattoo boosts the user's ATK by 7% so it can be useful too.


Reflect type Paladins are weak against long range attacks, Casters are generally weak in melee combat.

This is HYBRID Ragnarok Online! You should never stick to one strategy!
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