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Hybrid Ragnarok Online's GM Team

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1 Hybrid Ragnarok Online's GM Team on Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:05 am

[ Admin ] Ran

To help players from distinguishing fakers and genuine GMs, here is the complete GM team along with our IGNs and duties in this server.

[ Admin ] Ran

Root Administrator
Badge System Implementor
Manages all NPC-related matters in the server
Client-side (sprites, textures, patches, etc.) management
Website Management
Server Financier

[ Admin ] Nico

Root Administrator
Manages all item-related matter in the server
Skill rebalncer
Source Code Modifier

[ GM ] Neev

HydRO Police GM
Graphics Designer
Bug Checker

Unless the character's name, guild, and name color is like what I posted here, don't give them any item or information


Reflect type Paladins are weak against long range attacks, Casters are generally weak in melee combat.

This is HYBRID Ragnarok Online! You should never stick to one strategy!
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