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Admin Ran's Agit King Tournament

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1 Admin Ran's Agit King Tournament on Thu May 30, 2013 4:29 pm

[ Admin ] Ran

Just having a regular WoE is kinda boring right? So to spice things up, I have a special tournament for you guys.

Admin Ran's agit king tournament rules are simple but hard.

You have to gain possession of the Kriemhild castle and defend it for four (4) times. 5 WoEs in total.

Only the Kriemhild castle is available for this promo.

What is the reward?

Well every king needs a crown right? So the reward will be any of the Zodiac Crowns.Guild Leader's choice.

5 chosen guild members (By the Guild Leader) will receive 10 Billion Zennies each.

So, find yourself an emperium and break away !!


Reflect type Paladins are weak against long range attacks, Casters are generally weak in melee combat.

This is HYBRID Ragnarok Online! You should never stick to one strategy!
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