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How to install HydRO in your PC.

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1 How to install HydRO in your PC. on Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:48 pm

[ Admin ] Ran

Ok, since I don't have anything to do as of now, I decided to make this topic for those who wants to play HydRO but don't know what to do.

Lite Installation Guide:

1. Download the HydRO Lite Installer here:

2. Install it in your kRO folder. (pRO wont do. You need the official Ragnarok client to play. And also, make sure it's patched to the latest update or else you will get errors without even seeing the log-in screen.)

3. Register an account here:

4. Patch your HydRO Patcher.

5. Play. Enjoy.

FULL Installation Guide:

1. Download all the latest kRO files here:

OR if you know how to download a torrent. Download it here:
mediafire.com ?u3g3ducbi3n380d

2. After the download, install it anywhere into your computer.

3. Now download the HydRO Lite installer. The link's above. Too lazy to scroll up.

4. Register an account at the CP. CP's link also above. Again, too lazy.

5. Patch your HydRO Patcher

6. Play. Enjoy.

You're all good to go! See you in-game.


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