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A Public Apology..

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1 A Public Apology.. on Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:44 pm

[ GM ] Daenerys

Game Master
Game Master
Hello HydRO Elites!!

I just want you guys to know that it was an honor for me to be a part of our growing community. A lot of things happened ever since I came to this server and I consider the June 30 War of Emperium to be my worst experience here in HydRO.

For those who are wondering, I just made a mistake that resulted to a big change in our WOE Agit Counter..Crying or Very sad
So here's what happened, I monitored the situation in Kriemhild since it was the only castle that needs to be conquered by the candidates of our WOE Agit King. Problem is, I forgot to use the GM command that enables us to use our Perfect Hide ability. That lone simple mistake resulted for a forfeit and not counted Agit King for the day. The 2 affected guilds here were the Frailty and Conquerors Guild.

During the WOE incident, some members of the Frailty Guild who were defending the Emperium started attacking me, which resulted for the attack(Storm Gust I guess) to be reflected to the other members of their team. The reflected damage wiped almost the whole Frailty guild which gave the Conquerors Guild the chance to reclaim the Kriemhild Castle. I am not wearing any magic reflect items like Maya, Orlean's Server or even a Cat'o 9 Tails Card. The only problem was I am in the possession of the "Immortality Jewel" which makes us Admins and GMs to be Immortal, the jewel also gives its owner the ability to reflect magic damage to others(I am seriously not aware of this because it's not in the description).

This made the whole Frailty Guild to be mad at me. Some of its members repeatedly curse and swear bad words towards me which gave me the decision to put them in jail.Crying or Very sad Both of our Administrators were online during the time this happened. I was summoned and forced to state my side and alibi from what the heck just happened in the Kriemhild Castle. Since most of the players were mad by my actions and judgments, they have no choice but to suspend my Game Master position.Shocked  I guess the sad thing for my haters was it is just temporarily.bounce 

The sole purpose of this was for me to make a valid apology to both guilds especially the Frailty guild. I know that my reason is not valid to be accepted and it was an unwise action to forget to @hide during that time so I can't force you guys to not hate me that much. My deepest apologies also goes to the other guild, Conquerors, my actions forced the Administrators to not count today's WOE result..

To those who were jailed that time, please read our official rules before doing such things Suspect 'coz seriously your dumb actions may result for a permanent jail or worse, a permanent ban of your account someday..

That's all, have a good day!!

-Former GM Daenerys Wink

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